International Consortium of E-Commerce Development ICED

The International Consortium of E-Commerce Development (ICED) is a none governmental organization aiming to maintain international e-commerce platforms, develop friendly relations among platforms, achieve international cooperation, and be a centre for harmonizing the actions of e-commerce

B2B Platforms

Adapting B2B platforms offer amazing speed and security, data integration, and serving more customers.


Personalization, Omnichannel, and Secure payment are three innovations key to e-commerce growth


E-commerce digitalized the world into a single platform, and, remarkably, e-commerce evolution continues to accelerate.
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But I must explain to you how all this mista en idea of denouncing.
But I must explain to you how all this mista en idea of denouncing.
What is ICED?
ICED is a non-governmental organization united by common interests, founded based on the principles of voluntariness and equality of its members, which does not have profit as the main goal of its activities and does not distribute income among its members.
What is the main goal of ICED?
The main goal of the ICED is to support the development of digital commerce in the region and the world through the application of information and communication technologies and the provision of innovative, competitive, quality products and services.
How to join ICED?
To join the ICED, a written application is submitted to the Board of Directors. The application is considered within a month.
What are the requirements for the membership?
A legal entity operating for at least 6 months; The core principle of the main activity of a candidate member shall be the application and development of ICED; A “know how” product or application or an innovative, competitive, quality product or service that can be marketed globally; The interests and goals in line with the interests and goals of the ICED.

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